Top O’ Michigan Marathon National Champs!

Day 1 Top O’ Michigan Marathon Start

Northeast Thundercat Racing pulled another National Champion title for the club thanks to racers Deon Victor and Maria Murphy winning the P750 class by 4 minutes over 82 miles.

Pilot Deon Victor and Co-Pilot Maria Murphy; 2016 Top O’ Michigan Marathon National Champions; P750 class

In second place was No.88 piloted by Peter Pulaski and Arryan Murphy. It was truly a blast being out there with other inflatables, even if they weren’t all in our class.

The first day, the P750s took off at the second flag. No.63 flew by 88 within seconds and held the lead all the way down Indian river, across Mullett Lake and back.

Day 2 Top O’ Michigan Marathon Start

The second day, Northeast Thundercat racers took off with the Bandit class right after the second flag. Both classes stayed with each other through the whole race. No.88 in P750 held the lead for their class, and pulling into the pits after only one other inflatable in X-class.

Northeast Thundercat Racing is proud and honored to take home another win for the team and another National title. We are very excited to race Fall River in a couple weeks!

No. 88 Piloted by Peter Pulaski & Arryan Murphy

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